Former Rockstar Games Art Director Signs BioShock Soundtrack Composer for Sci-Fi Adventure VR Experience

Industry Veteran Drew Medina has signed Composer Garry Schyman to create the original score for the sci-fi adventure VR experience "iOmoon" being produced by Drew’s studio Headtrip Games.

(Boston, Mass) –(Headtrip Games) Award winning composer Garry Schyman (BioShock®, BioShock 2®, and BioShock Infinite®, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor®, Destroy All Humans!® Series-Credits-) has contracted with the new indie studio Headtrip Games, founded by Drew Medina (Grand Theft Auto V®, Max Payne 3®, Tomb Raider: Legend® -Credits-), to create a one of a kind soundtrack for the virtual reality adventure experience/game, "iOmoon".

Considering Garry's last few projects were with large game studios and established technology, it is interesting he has chosen to work both in a newer gaming technology, VR, and with a start-up indie studio, Headtrip Games. So, what are Garry's feelings? "I think VR represents the future of gaming.  The technology is spectacular and is only going to get better and better. ...The team [Headtrip Games] showed me a demo of their game and I was floored!  It’s spectacular and I was hooked.  Plus they are great people who are extraordinarily talented and who wouldn’t want to work with folks like that." (See Garry's recent Reddit AMA here)

"iOmoon" is a virtual reality adventure experience being created by Drew Medina and his studio, Headtrip Games. The studio's website describes iOmoon as "an immersive Virtual Reality experience in development for the Oculus Rift®, and other virtual reality headgear. It's an amazingly immersive experience where you pilot a probe into iO  ...Hot steamy caves precede burning red hot lava flows, while not too far away awaits liquid filled caves and pools of exotic liquids. You will have the opportunity to explore like no game has before, you are there in virtual reality."

For more information visit Headtrip Games.

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