iOmoon is now available!

(pc - Oculus rift)

Get it in the Oculus store and on STEAM for the RIFT virtual reality HMD! 

Get it by putting on your Rift (EARLY ACCESS) or if you like Steam get it HERE

It's been two years working towards this day, can't be more proud.  iOMoon will continue to evolve, so check back here for update information. I intend to post version details here, new area info...there's so much cool stuff to create still and with your support I can go nuts!  I hope you enjoy exploring iO! 

VR is so new, and we would love your feedback! 

THANK YOU!  -Drew Medina


Hints & Tips

- In iOMoon, You are a brain in a pod. You're brain has been removed and placed in the pod, to explore without the unnecessary body.

- Your Photos are saved in your C: drive, top level in "iOMoon_Photos".

- Play with headphones only, the audio is SERIOUSLY 3-D, so you will miss it if you don't.

- There are multiple paths in iOMoon, don't assume you've seen it all with more to be found in the future ;)

- Keyboard keys 1-5 control smooth movement speeds as well as in probe levers.

- Like your scifi stuff in Black and white?  try the B keyboard key.

- the spacebar or gamepad B button reset your camera, if you get turned around or angled.

- You can reset your 'brain' or head position to wherever you like in the pod, lean forward and reset then lean back in your chair... or do the opposite and ride the windshield.  You can also stand and play, which can be even more immersive.

- If you get in a tough spot, use your teleport and Boost button to try to get out or to stabilize yourself somewhere slippery.

- You can use rocks and probes as shields.

- There are auto save points along the way, you can come back later and jump right into an area you've already discovered or Resume where you left off.


From the STEAM early access description:

Why Early Access?

“Hello, My name is Drew Medina. I've been working in game development for 17 years, and when I tried Virtual Reality I knew I was in. Two years ago, I tried a DK1 and fell in love... I had to make something amazing for VR, I HAD TO! I left an amazing studio position having worked on GTAV and MaxPayne3 in order to create something personal, from my creative heart. I was able to secure a few years funding, to get the most of iOmoon created, and Ive worked on it almost everyday since. I want to send you there to explore this weird, new alien world! I need your help to fulfill my vision and yours of true Sci-Fi fantasy exploration in Virtual Reality.
The goal was always to get the very best talent involved, but I didn't have the budget to do that. Although, I was able to secure one of the greatest Musical talents in gaming, Garry Schyman. Garry has created the soundtracks for "Bioshock 1,2,3" as well as "Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor".
I've worked my entire career as an environment artist as well as lead artist on many AAA titles and as studio Art Director at a major studio. These past few years on iOmoon, I've happily taken on the role of many people... Creative director, Artist, scripter , designer, audio engineer... What I would truly love to do (with your help) is continue my work and have the ability to hire super talented people to continue to evolve iOmoon' animation, fx and game mechanics. I already have a creative partner who has given his unpaid time to act as my producer, designer and QA lead.
I also need to support my family along the way! If I can stay out of the offices, I can continue to make iOmoon just as insane and awesome as possible. :) Thank you!!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The plan is to keep adding new content and evolving the current experience for the next 6-8months depending on the support we earn.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will be an evolved experience based on feedback, people's experiences and stories as well as many things I need to get from out of my head and into the experience.
As an example, I would love to send an update out one day where an entirely new area has been discovered from space, and its your mission to return to iO to find and explore it. Who knows maybe you will be the first to find and photo it ;)
There will be many more forms of lifeforms and situations involving organic materials, more gooey stuff... more weirdness! I have many areas and ideas still in my sketchbook waiting to be created.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“iOmoon is currently in a very stable, playable form that's full of content, music and immersive gameplay. The main development is done, the major areas, controls, music, and bulk of the main map.
iOmoon runs smoothly on the Rift, as well as full of 3D audio and FX. iOmoon has always been developed for Virtual Reality and will not be playable outside of VR.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The pricing of the Early Access and final version will be the same, as well as looking forward to future discounts and promotions.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Virtual Reality is so new that YOU are needed to help us evolve and grow it. I need direct feedback from players/testers from the technical aspects to emotional feedback. How you felt is as important now to how it played. I support most standard modes of locomotion in iOmoon, and will love to see them evolve. It's INSANELY important for all VR developers to listen to the audience with direct feedback on comfort and immersion. You are key to this!
Thank you!!”